About us

Avraham Lalum & Co Law Firm

We are proud to introduce the firm's I believe and departments, those which make us a leader in our field.

“Together we stand, apart we fall” Aesopus.

Law firm Avraham Lalum & Co. – A leading international law firm with active branches in Romania, Ukraine and has fruitful collaborations with offices in the US and other countries in Europe.

The company is business orientation, offers it’s clients solutions related to conducting transactions in Israel and abroad. Among other things, the firm offers creative solutions for conducting overseas transactions through a supervised mechanism based on a mechanism.

The Law Firm – “Avraham Lalum & Co.” is one of Israel’s leading real estate and urban renewal firm, which includes, among other things, an international worldwide department .

The firm is ranked year after year in Israeli and international rating guides as one of the leading real estate and urban renewal firms

Adv. Avraham Lalum & Co

We represents, among other things, leading Israeli entrepreneurs and contractors in the Israeli economy, public bodies, local authorities, economic companies, acquisition groups and leading investors in complex real estate transactions.

Other areas of business include the sale and purchase agreements, combination, evacuation, construction, renewal, co-operation, contracts in Romania, Ukraine, Germany and the US, rental, execution, management and financing. The premium also includes a dispute settlement department.

Since its inception, in 2006, the firm has been managing partner Avraham Lalum co-founder, to fulfill its mission at the highest professional level, including finding creative solutions in complex real estate transactions and in the taxation, planning and property aspects associated with it, from the planning stage to the business. Incorporate the implementation with the help of a carefully selected professional legal team as part of the Firm believe.

Effective approach

We believe that our role as attorneys is to enable our clients to efficiently and successfully execute real estate transactions, while carefully planning all aspects of the transaction, providing personalized service tailored to the client and project needs. comprehensive, close, professional and creative legal support. The success of the firm, is the best proof of the dedicated work of its team of lawyers, who are all together and each one is a significant added value for the success of the firm’s clients.

Experience and expertise

The firm has extensive experience in accompanying complex real estate transactions from the initial stages of initiation to the completion stage. Over the years, the firm’s attorneys have extensive experience and extensive expertise accompanied by a wide range of transactions, including: real estate entrepreneurship, urban renewal, hotel and rental real estate, acquisition groups, sales and combination transactions, Romania, Germany, Ukraine and the USA. B, Planning and Construction, Real Estate Taxation, Real Estate Financing, Arbitration and Mediation.

Business and professional relationships

As an international law firm and one of Israel’s leading law firms, the firm holds a wide range of business and professional relationships and is in close contact with parallel offices and external legal advisers in Israel and around the world, including a connection to well-known and leading business professionals. The firm’s international department maintains overseas partnerships and manages clients and transactions from the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Georgia, Zanzibar and many other countries.